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Thoughts on Linux pre-installed computers
Hi! So I recently found ZorinOS because I was looking for a new laptop that would come with Linux installed out of the box. They seem to have a deal with different computer vendors and I was wondering if anyone has tried them, or can give some feedback on them or any other vendors?

I'm looking for something lightweight for traveling, mostly for browsing and watching videos, but also coding with something like VSCode or PyCharm and the occasional virtual machine for testing (and trying other Linux distros). Nothing too heavy but I'd like the fluency while multitasking.

I found this one to be almost perfect but I don't know if the processor is enough (sorry, can't say I know much about these things): The quality seems good and very portable. This other one is a bit heavier but has a better processor and bigger screen, and I think that 13"~14" is about the right size for what I'll be using it for:
This second one is already on the limit of my budget, 600EUR is my top. And yes... I know refurbishsed is an option but I'd like to explore the market for brand new Linux laptops Smile

So what are your opinions and recommendations? Thanks!
Be careful with laptops from smaller companies. While they do usually design the internals (mainboard and friends) themselves, they source the cases from an external vendor (which is why the majority of aluminium body laptops look alike). These cases are cheap, both in price and quality. Hinge problems are common with these devices.
these CPU are not insanely good, but for what you told us you gonna do with it, they seems both find.

About your IDE, i recommand you have a look into your distro repos if at least one of them is in it. I believe it will be easier for you to find PyCharm community edition than VSCode. if any of them is in the repo, you gonna need to install it from third party. Or PPA if it is an ubuntu based distro.

I never bought a brand new laptop with linux in it my self, so unfortunately i can not advice for a company.
Thank you leon.p... unfortunately I have bad experiences already with cheap phones, tablets and laptops and I'm being extra careful this time. I read in another post that you had a Librem laptop but the screen fell off?! I thought it was a good choice, well over my budget unfortunately :'(

Thank you as well Tuxinho, I'll install Ubunutu since is the only distro I know and is the most popular in case I need some help. I used it before in a second hand laptop and it worked really nicely and got me interested, but I'm not really comfortable installing it myself so maybe next time when I know more Smile

Btw I've looked some more and the star labs seems like the perfect fit for me both on price, size and weight. I think I can afford the lack of processing power for what I need, thanks you for the help Smile
Are you replacing a laptop or is this your first one ?

The reason I ask is because you said you were uncomfortable installing linux so if you are replacing a laptop the old one would be good to use to become comfortable with installation by using it for practice unless you have to use it for something else.
It would be my first Linux only laptop, I currently dual-boot between W10 and Ubuntu. I'll definitely take the opportunity to play around installing Linux and practice when I have a "backup". I do have to use W10 occasionally (plus I use it for gaming) but the idea is to leave it completely, at some point.

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