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2nd HDMI display causing random desktop flicker on main display
Hi Friends,

As many can tell, I have previously asked about a second display issue with my laptop using its VGA output.  I gave up on that.
Today, I tried connecting a second display via my laptop's HDMI output.  It worked great!  The second display is perfect.  No issues.

However, having dual displays now makes my primary laptop screen do weird things.  My wallpaper will randomly go to a blank background, then come back.  Sometimes its random black squares in various sizes and places.  Other times it will do a strobe-like effect, flashing between the wallpaper and and entire black background.  Mouse pointer and desktop icons don't seem to be affected.  It's just the background.

All this is random.  Anyone experience this too?  What should I look into for a fix?

[don't know if this is a piece of the puzzle: My laptops display is a touchscreen. When I touch it, the mouse pointer goes to the appropriate place, but on the second display. ]

Some details:
laptop graphics is Intel HD Graphics 4000 and its display is set as Primary. These two display are NOT mirrored.

Thank you so much all,

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