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Canon Scanner Woes Solved By Ubuntu 20.04
I decided to go ahead and install Ubuntu 20.04 to a USB HD...just days before the release, assuming that this is a release candidate by now.

I'm actually rather impressed by it...and I have been using Linux Mint 19.x for the entire time I have used Linux as my daily driver.

But the one thing that may push this to my main daily driver...Ubuntu 20.04 has fixed use of my Canon TS3322 scanner!

.png   CanonTS3300Scanner.png (Size: 16 KB / Downloads: 4)

I assume this new functionality comes in the 5.4 kernel...Linux Mint is only up to 5.3.x right now.

And I assume Linux Mint 20.x, with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as its base, will bring along the 5.4 or newer kernel.

Me? I'm just happy I can finally scan in Linux! (The printer side has always worked.)
Hey Inundated
Your issue with your scanner would be been caused by a bug in Ubuntu 18.04, which broke compatibility with a bunch of scanners (including mine) which worked fine on 16.04.

Its good to hear that they have fixed this issue.

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