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[SOLVED] No VGA output on Gateway laptop with Dell 15" monitor
Greetings Friends,

Trying to connect a second monitor to my laptop.  It's a Dell 15" model E141fpb and my laptop is NV570P31u using the Intel HD graphics 4000.

My Mint 19 os detects the display perfectly.  The "Display" app show it just fine.  xrandr also shows it as it should.  All the VGA pins are fine.  Cable is in good shape.  The display's self Test is good.

Pressing my "switch display" fn key does nothing.  What would I be missing?  Any drivers needed?

Thank you,

[SOLVED:  Well...not really.  After much troubleshooting it has been discovered that with my particular laptop and Linux, I just cannot enable the VGA output.  I tried it with Mint 19 and Ubuntu 18.04.  I'll just have to try HDMI outputs instead.  --Steve]

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