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Aurutils - a fine AUR helper for you Arch folks!
Hey there, Ezee community!

We all know how tempting the AUR is for even the common folk, and even more for those who like to use some niche software or prefer to build the latest version from source! I have been doing the manual build process for a while, but I decided to look whether I can find an AUR helper to mange the AUR packages without twisting the control out from my hand, and blurring the line between AUR and official repositories as many such helpers do.

My choice has been the aurutils, so much so that I even decided to make an installation guide for it:

What are your experiences with the AUR? What helpers have you been using?
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I do Arch on my old laptop, and have for years. For me I like the way Pacaur lists the available package updates, but I don't like how it actually executes the update. So for that I use Yay (but i don't like it 100%). I used to use Yaourt, like most did.

I have extensively tested AUR helpers. I am the creator of BOW and ARROW Linux.

What I have found is that Aurutils is not bad. I personally like it. the only reason i do not use it, is because it is somewhat slower than yay. And time is important. 

I don't remember what language Aurutils is written in, Yay is mostly in GO.

but i do like the freedom Aurutils gives.

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