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Arch GPT/UEFI install
i tried an arch install last fall and managed to get the command prompt eventually.  The snag was some good Vids. from Distrotube and others finding later the ISO the I  used after was missing nano, vim a kernel etc. Learned some neat things anyway. Gave it another try noticing kernel 5 now included , but I see the boot ISO now seems GPT boot . I am trying it on an old 4 core , 3.2 ghz cpu 4g DIMM @ 1.3ghz L1,L2,L3 cache. never used uefi before ; rather stay with MBR. hoping for the best. Want to leave my main 8 core MSI alone and try ARCH on junk boxes like this one. One particular question ; can I make a text file of pgms. I want installed and save to the install medium , then send it (ie. < ) to pacman to automate install software ? Any suggestions ?
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Hi Rick,
I know what you mean. They changed a bunch of stuff in the Arch Base package and their are a bunch of new steps that are not in 98% of the arch install unless they are from the first of the year... The Arch site is just getting caught up...
Give this channel a look and follow what he does and it will all be ok...  I did and it all works. Good luck!

I followed his way and I am still using it right now.... :-D
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