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Can someone please explain in simple terms on how SSH and SFTP works. Can you use each separately or are they always used together? Online information isn't quit clear about this. very confusing to me. I use ssh server on my laptop occasionally and it works well. Some videos online speak both ssh and sftp in the same breath and that what confuses me.
I tried to use SFTP:// username ETC by it's self but won't connect.  Confused
Thank you.
In basic terms and usage SSH provides you with a shell environment so you may issue commands to a remote system (this could be in the same building or across the world).

SFTP is the secure version of FTP which allows for file transfers.  So unlike FTP everything over SFTP goes through a secure tunnel.

There is also SSHFS which allows the mounting of file systems over SSH.

You may use them separately, however SFTP is built into most SSH servers.

If you connect via standard SSH you don't have a way to transfer files hence SFTP. However SFTP isn't the best for issuing commands other than get and put calls for files.
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