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Hello! I am new to Linux I need help with BASH scripting,
Hi friends, I am new to Linux but I am actually liking it. I have learned a few basics on how to navigate the command line in terminal. However, I need to be able to write a few scripts in Bash. I could use some tips on what is the best way to do this. If someone out there is able to help me please reach out to me, Thanks to the creator of this forum EzeeTalk. I hope this is the right place for my question if not please let me know so I can delete it thanks Shy
Joe Collins has some good Bash scripting videos for beginners. See also Kris Occhipinti and Luke Smith

Do an online search for Bash tutorials. There are plenty of them out there. Many of them are in PDF format and can be downloaded.

I have several scripts on GitHub that you can look at, the URL is below in my signature.

Also, check out this recent thread for a few recommended guides:
welcome to Linux.

YouTube is a good place to start. Just search "BASH Script" There are many videos for beginners and novice. Most of them are really good. Joe has a few good ones on there as well. But I imagine you already know that.

Books are usually the next step.

It is free but There is a 30 second wait. it is worth it.

this is a direct link to another free one

and of course GNUs bash pdf

Any questions you might have about Linux, usually has an answer here in the EzeeTalk forums.

There are many knowledgeable Linux users in here. And a few Linux Jedi's. Your are in the right place.

Again, Welcome.
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