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Linux Mint / Ubuntu (almost) full install and configuration
Hi all,

(I'm new here.)
I came across the YouTube channel via the OEM install video, and I thought I might be of some help to anyone wanting a simple way to fully customise and install their system; i.e. the configuration/setup part before you "prepare for shipping to end user", OR just configuring any Mint/Ubuntu system.

I have a script that does everything:

  • package installs,
  • tarball packages setup,
  • fonts,
  • users,
  • distro configuration (everything, including desktop, power, sounds, panel shortcuts and more).
Currently, the script is really configured for developers and servers.
If anyone wants, I can easily add an option for a "home" or layman  setup - I have played with this in the past for friends/family who are office and browser users only, so I'll add the configuration (in time) anyway.

Hope someone finds this useful!

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