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I want to buy a PFSense Router: Which one should I buy?
I want a PFSense Router because I heard that you can control the hosts file on it.  Currently that is something I do on all my computers separately.  it's a pain because every time I add something to my hosts file I got to update every computer separately.

Currently I'm running Frontier Netgear D2200D from my ISP.  I have it connected to Asus RT-AC51U.  From there it is connected to all 4 computers. 

My idea is connect the PFSense Router to the Frontier Netgear D2200D and then connect the Asus RT-AC51U to Asus RT-AC51U and use it for wireless, and maybe go ahead and use it to connect the computers.  I'm not currently planning on adding anymore computers to the network.

Here is a simple diagram of my idea on how I want things connected.
Internet > Frontier Netgear D2200D > PFSense Router > Asus RT-AC51U > Computers

Here is my research links so far:

I just don't know what one to buy.  Which one should I buy?
I wouldn't suggest that setup.

You are sending your connections through more NATs and firewalls than necessary which introduces latency and hops along with creating troubleshooting nightmares.  This is not ideal network topography.

There are many different choices on how you could setup your network.  Plus some of this is controlled by the money are willing to spend.

However ideally.

1) Internet/WAN comes in and connects to:
  • A modem only box -or-
  • Edge device is in bridge modem (just makes the Internet connection) -or-
  • Next box is put in DMZ
2) Next box is your PFSense box.  This is connected to the modem/edge device (in DMZ mode at least).

3) A switch connects to the PFSense box.  This connects any hard line computers - RJ45 ethernet.

4) You can still use the Asus box for wireless, however connect the Asus LAN to switch LAN.  This should create an uplink and out to the Internet.  I would probably turn off the firewall on this box just because it isn't needed and LAN to LAN won't use it anyway.  So again ignore the WAN port on the Asus.

If you are only going to be using wireless connections then the PFSense LAN could just connect to the Asus LAN.  If you had only one, two, or three computers to hard wire (RJ45) you could just the switch built into the Asus box.

For this setup you only need a small two port PFSense box:  WAN and LAN.  Of course you could always buy a "bigger" one with more ports for possible future expansion.  If you wanted you could even do this:

LAN 1 - Switch for hardwire systems
LAN 2 - Asus for wifi

This way you could VLAN the two LAN ports and keep them from sharing data.  This would require a PFSense box with at least two LANs, obviously.  However I can't speak to how you want to create your network layout.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

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