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Error: attempt to read or write outside of disk "hd0" [SOLVED]
(08-25-2018, 01:12 PM)deck_luck Wrote: HDD = hard disk drive 

Why did you replace Vista?  Where you having any trouble with Vista before the Ubuntu install?

How old is the 1TiB backup HDD you are now using as the Ubuntu boot HDD?
Depending on the age the HDD may not be getting up to speed in time if it is beginning to malfunction.  Does the drive man a lot of noise spinning up or while it is being accessed?  Also, you should get a flashlight and examining the SATA cable to make sure they are securely attached to the HDD and the mother board.  For problem determination you could install Ubuntu again on a known working HDD. 

Did you go to the vendor web site to determine if any firmware or BIOS needs to be updated to run Ubuntu 18.04?  I would image your BIOS is way out of date on such an old machine.

Does your desktop have any additional HDDs installed besides the Ubuntu HDD?   Is your BIOS boot priority set for the Ubuntu HDD?

I replaced Vista simply because Microsoft stopped issuing security updates for it, I had no issues otherwise.

The 1tb HDD I'm using is probalbly about 6 years old now. I hardly used it at the time though, although just like most things I assume they deteriorate with age even if not used. There are no unusual or excessive noises from it.

There are no othe HDDs installed. I have unplugged the SATA and power cables from the HDD that has Vista on it.

To be honest, although I feel that it is still a quite powerful PC even after 9 years, maybe it is just a tad too old for an OS like Ubuntu or even Windows 10. I checked the Asus website and my motherboard isn't listed as Windows 10 compatible, so I guess the same can be said for a 2018 release of Ubuntu. Thanks for your help anyway.

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