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Error: attempt to read or write outside of disk "hd0" [SOLVED]
Hi everyone. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my old Windows Vista desktop PC a few weeks ago. I installed Ubuntu on the 1tb HDD that used to be my backup HDD. I have unplugged the Vista HDD. I used the erase disk and install Ubuntu option, I didn't try and set up partitions myself.

The PC started up fine for the first few times ( I only use it about once a fortnight as it is at my parents house). However, when I powered it up last week it went through BIOS ok but then displayed this...

Error: attempt to read or write outside of disk "hd0"
Entering rescue mode
grub rescue>

...on a black screen. I didn't know what to do, so pressed the physical "restart PC" button on the PC case. After a few attempts the PC then booted straight to the Ubuntu desktop.

I have googled this error, and found some forum posts from about 2015. The answers suggest that it could be a faulty HDD cable or that you have to create a "/" partition when you install Ubuntu (don't use the "erase disk and install ubuntu"). I've also read that it could be due to the size of the HDD but I would think that Ubuntu has progressed more than far enough to cope with a 1tb HDD).

My PC specs are:

Intel Core 2 Quad
Geforce GTX260
4gb DDR2 memory
1tb HDD
Asus P5nd Motherboard
(PC is 9 years old but hardly used in last 4 to 5 years).

Has anyone got any ideas? Many thanks.

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Error: attempt to read or write outside of disk "hd0" [SOLVED] - by creative42 - 08-25-2018, 06:58 AM

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