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Error: attempt to read or write outside of disk "hd0" [SOLVED]
(11-09-2018, 11:04 PM)jwk Wrote:
(10-20-2018, 02:47 PM)creative42 Wrote: It's now been a couple of weeks since my tinkering. Pleased to say no issues and have been using this PC for a couple of hours now. So, maybe it was the GTX260 causing the graphical issue (I may of not reinstalled it properly earlier this year after changing the CMOS battery, or it may just be faulty). 

I hope this thread has been of use to other people as these issues were beginning to put me off Linux, which would of been a shame as I'm really enjoying using Ubuntu and learning how to use the different software. The EzeeLinux community is great, and very helpful. I look forward to watching Joe's videos again now Smile !

late to this post, read all contributions , just had a thought about possible over heating issue with the GPU I had an intermittent problem which turned out to be over heating.

Yes, could well of been the GTX260 overheating as the fault would occur after an hour or two of the PC being turned on.

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