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Error: attempt to read or write outside of disk "hd0" [SOLVED]
I have the same issue, but I believe it is an error in the way GRUB interacts with specfifc (obscure) BIOS,
as that error only sometimes randomly occurs on my main laptop (which uses CoreBoot + SeaBIOS-payload),
but all other computers (with more traditional BIOS) I tried that drive on worked perfectly fine.
And the SMART values of my drive are fine, no errors at all, the drive is not even two years old.
Reinstalling GRUB to the MBR did not help, neither did rebuilding the GRUB config (I even looked through that thing word for word),
but I have yet to try reformatting the drive (I am currently not in the mood to reinstall a custom LUKS setup, so that will have to wait).

I recommend asking the people who know best for help: The GRUB maintainers of your distribution or even the GRUB developers themselves.

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