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diskcheck program
Hello, I'm messing around with some older drives I have and got an error about cannot find/cow or something. No biggie I will figure it out.  My issue is when I did a search on the error having booted off of a live flashdrive I found a utility someone had made and it seemed great. Forgetting I was on a live system I saved it and the location. But of course I really didn't save anything. Has anyone seen a utility that runs in the terminal and checks for 24 line capable screen? This one did, and it looked very informative and cool.

I don't know the program you speak of but have you tried gparted and disks on the live dvd they both work on harddrives?
I have used a program written by Steve Gibson called "Spinrite" for twenty years. Steve is the guy who forced the Zip Drive company to make good on the "click of death" that plagued the drives. He's the guy who rubbed Microsoft's face in the huge security holes in Windows XP until they were forced to plug them.
"Spinrite" just saved my wife's machine last week. It got so it would take forever to boot into Ubuntu, if it booted at all. I ran "Spinrite " on the boot partition and it found ten bad sectors and recovered the data from eight of them. Her computer boots like new now.
I can't praise "Spinrite" enough.


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