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It is with great sadness I announce the passing of a valued family member: the old IBM Thinkpad T43 that served me and then my son so well.

It passed away this evening in the midst of a heat wave.  It is survived by... well, a lot of things.

It is being succeeded by the old Dell GX280 desktop which is undergoing a fresh Debian transplant as I write this.
Asus X58L
Debian 8 with MATE
Don't forget to pull the harddrive for reuse later.
(02-12-2020, 03:40 PM)spudnuts Wrote: Don't forget to pull the harddrive for reuse later.

Hard drive pulled and put into an external drive caddy in order to rescue my son's data - much to his great relief  Smile

I'm going to see what else I can salvage out of it - probably not a lot as it was in a pretty poor state towards the end.  I should at least be able to get the speakers and a light panel out of it.
Asus X58L
Debian 8 with MATE
The memory may be useable in another machine.
Hi. I had two T43s at one time. They have both been passed on to others, and are still working. I now have a T400, and a 420. These are both 64 bit machines, and work very well. They both have SSDs. Like any laptop, they need to have the inevitable collected dust cleaned out of the fan and heat sinks. Using canned air to blow out the air intakes helps, but not as much as getting to the fan itself. On most IBM/Lenovo laptops this is not too hard. There are very detailed manuals available for download, that will tell you step by step how to get to and replace (if necessary) pretty much any part. I can understand that many people are not comfortable taking things apart. However, if its not working, what do you have to loose?

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