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Finding Hardware?
(02-06-2020, 11:26 PM)R.Miller96 Wrote: My question to you guys; Do you know of any other good sites I can source some hardware?
I haven't bought hardware in so long I don't know where to look.

I am not sure about sites, but schools, universities and smaller businesses sometimes update their equipment and throw out the old stuff. A friend of mine once scored a small fleet of reliable HP office desktops, which she then sold for 50€ a piece. So its a good idea to keep your eyes open for something like that. In some countries, getting rid of computers can be expensive, so they might be happy when someone takes them for free.

(02-06-2020, 11:26 PM)R.Miller96 Wrote: Edit: I see these cheap brands "A-tech", "Motoeagle", "Parts-Quick", and "Komputerbay" RAM (mostly the A-tech) on Amazon.  Anyone here have any experience with these brands?

That is likely "third shift ware". Roughly speaking, the factories producing the products for the major brands are also active at night, but run by different people. Very common for SSDs and RAM. So likely produced in the same assembly line as brand stuff, but with inferior quality control and leftover materials.

Or it is just a brand that is lesser known because it mainly sells to OEMs, which is just as likely.

Probably won't cause issues for a computer that sees a medium amount of usage. But if you plan on using the device multiple hours a day for more then just a few years and want that extra bit of reliability, you should probably go with a brand a little more common.

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