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KDE Plasma desktop is my new love
Hello good people,

I am new to EzeeTalk, but been a Linux user since 2000. I started with Redhat and Mandrake linux back in 2000, used KDE 2 for a bit till my profile got corrupted and the lab technician said to use Gnome, which I did (it was ver 1), and did not look back. Moved to Ubuntu when 5.04 came out after playing with its first release (4.10) and being impressed as it saw my Voodoo 3000 card at it full resolution while Fedora Core did not. Been Ubuntu users since then. But recently I saw how Plasma desktop was shaping up and I installed Kubuntu 19.10 and I was blown away at how responsive KDE had become, it was lean and light. I am highly anticipating Kubuntu 20.04 release (which is the upcoming LTS) and KDE 5.18 release (which is also an LTS). I threw KDE Neon unstable on a spare laptop and I am so happy how it is shaping up. It make GTK 2, GTK 3, and Qt applications belongs together and just works so well. I am really thinking 2020 will be a great year for KDE team. Thanks for letting me express my joy.

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(01-12-2020, 11:37 PM)motang Wrote: I am really thinking 2020 will be a great year for KDE team.

Especially if you look at what is planned for 2020.
I recently switched from Gnome to KDE and love it. I used it on Mandrake and Mepis among others for a long time before trying gnome.
Rock solid so far

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