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Home folder encryption
Dear forum mates,

I share an apartment with some other folks. We all use the same notebook which runs under Debian 10 (Emmabuntus DE) and we are all happy with it. Anyhow, I am a little bit concerned about our privacy and also bothered by the lack of protection Linux offers out of the box when it comes to user data protection. Sure, there is the full hard disc encryption, but that's useless for our needs. About 4-5 people use this notebook an all have data stored on it, to each his home directory. All of us can fully see what others have stored in their directory. There used to be a way to encrypt home at the time of installation but Debian (and other Debian based distros) have removed this tool (eCryptfs) due to its unmaintained program code. I checked if I can still use eCryptfs but in most forums I read that I should keep my hands of it.

Can someone please help me with an advice? I am looking for an easy and simple way to protect/encrypt my various home user directories I have on my shared notebook. It should be a way an non-experiences user like me can achieve without digging to deep in the file system and playing around in the partition table.

Thank you for your inputs.
If only you have access to root privileges, it would suffice to simply change the permissions of your home directory to no longer allow users other than yourself to see its contents.
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