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setting up another hard drive for steam games
I've been trying to partition a 4tb hard drive which I've done but the drive does not show up on steam and yes the drive is mounted.
The drive just does not show up when creating a new folder for the games. my main drive is a 128gb SSD so storage on the main drive is quite small
I am not familiar with how steam sets up its storage on Linux, other than knowing that everything it downloads is stored in your home directory.

However what I do know is that thanks the way drives are mounted into the singular directory tree on Linux, software on Linux usually does not (and should not) care about drives, only about directories. Configuring On which drive that directories contents are stored is up to the user.

For your situation, you probably want to auto-mount the drive to a directory in your home directory, like for example 'steam-games' and point steam to that directory.

as Leon explain pretty well, Linux handles partitions and drives for you making them invisible to the user. You just have to deal with it when you installing your system and never again.

Since your drive is mounted, you have a mount point (is it auto mount in boot?) you just need to make a folder into it and in this folder you gonna store your games.

Now about steam, it depends the distro but you might find your steam download folder somewhere like

BTW the ~ represent /home/username aka your home directory.
2 years i haven't touch steam so i have to believe this link for the path: it might be in .local or .config instead of .steam.

Now if you want your games in a different folder (folder living in a different drive) you need to delete that particular steam default folder and make it as a symlink (for more information ) and your games will be installed in the folder in that drive you want him to while steam is convince that he is installing in the default folder.

1-mount your drive in your directory of choice
2-install steam only.
3-move inside steam app folder and delete it.
4-make a symlink with the default name pointing to the game directory.
Ta-da your games will be stored in your directory of choice located in your drive of choice and steam wont realize it.

I hope it helped.

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