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Thunderbird doesn't show message when you download it after downloading headers only

I've used Thunderbird on Windows for some time (and switched a couple of other people to it).  I'm trying to run with Mint on my primary computer now but I have a really annoying issue...

I am configured to download only email headers and, if I want to download a particular message, I double click it to open in a new window and click on 

    Download the rest of the message.

On Windows, the message will then download and display in the open message window, on Mint (and Raspbian also) I have to close the message window and then re-double click the message to open it again to get the downloaded message to display.

Has anybody found a way to fix this?

And a couple of other Thunderbird questions  Smile - 

1) is there a shortcut key, or can I add one, to do the same thing as hitting the 'Download the rest of the message.' option?

2) if I tag a message, say as  5-Later to make it purple, it only shows purple in the email list if it is the currently selected email, I can't glance down the list and see all the emails that I've tagged in various ways unless I add 'Tag' to the column list to see the tag names. Should this work on the Linux version


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