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dual boot alternative
instead of dual booting would it be viable or recomended to run windows in a VM instead?
I ask because im wanting to move to linux but i have 1 game (maybe 2) that cant run natively neither with steam proton on linux so stuck with windows until i can get those working.

any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated
Before giving up on running them in linux you should look at application database at    some games will run in wine that will not run in steam/proton.
the game im mostly intrested in getting to work is Empyrion - Galactic Survival it runs using proton or wine however EAC (the anti cheat service used for the game) does not run using either nor native sadly, which is why i was thinking VM because i really dont want to dual boot

for clarity i am testing in a ubuntu VM on my windows machine

to answer your question you can run windows in a VM BUT! if your plan is to run games in a windows VM you gonna be disappointed.
The problem is that a VM is just a software which run in your machin, and the main machine keeps the primacy on the ressources, including the GPU.
There is a way to get around this involving 2 GPU with one for the main machine and the second for the VM but i can not help you with that because i never tried it my self. I know the 2 GPU solution exists just because i remember coming across some tutorials in the internet talking about this.

I don't know if it is possible but the easiest solution seems to be getting a second machin.
The last option is to learn how to live with the dual boot problems. But in this case you need 2 drives, one for each OS.

Now i like to ask you, Merlin, how are your tests going so far?
I’m finding linux quite enjoyable, like I said I have most of my games running in the VM. I tried linux about 15 years ago with a dual Boot and didn’t like it back then because as joe quite honestly says it’s nothing like windows and at the time I didn’t understand linux however after my time playing with the raspberry pi I have learnt a little bit about linux and I am keen to learn more and release myself from the shackles of windows spyware 10
to handle games in a VM i suppose your machine is quite a piece of software. I am not sure but in this case it might be hable to handle the same way your games in a VM question mark.

But i can tell you 2 ways to make sure.
1-you can install a temporary dual boot and see if a windows vm can handle your games. When you finish testing you can either wipe out you drive to install linux full time or, if the test if a failure give up on that temporary partition and keep windows. Something like dual boot just for one day or one afternoon.
2-back up all your data, install your linux distro test your games in your windows VM and if it is working as you expect keep it, or wipe out linux and re install windows otherwise.

For number 2 make sure you have a windows installation media and your licence number or what ever you need to re install it.

I which i could help you better than that.
I have 1 other question. Currently I run dual monitors through my single NVIDIA gtx 1050ti can I do this on linux too?
(12-23-2019, 05:13 PM)Merlin_of_Chaos Wrote: I have 1 other question. Currently I run dual monitors through my single NVIDIA gtx 1050ti can I do this on linux too?

You can test that for yourself by testing with Live Disc/USB stick, something you should do anyway to ensure all the other hardware works with Linux.
Cliff Coggin
Mint 19.2 Cinnamon
Yes you can but again linux it is not windows Smile You will not have your desktop shared between the 2 monitors but a desktop (or work space) in each one.

i don't mean to scare you away but here is a site which talk about several monitors set up.
If you install a distro with a DE (cinamon xfce mate etc) you can most likely skip step 2.


apparently you can set your monitors in tween view:
I have mine as a seperate desktop on windows so sounds like a seperate workspace would work just fine for me but I will test it with a live cd

Also is there any youtubers you all recommend? I watch every linux video joe does

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