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Firewall on Linux: nftables (a noob question)

I decided to put a firewall on my system as I am using a few (not much) web-facing stuff like Syncthing, and I saw that nftables is a good, simple option. I don't really need to have a GUI for that, and I'm willing to learn how to set this thing up using only the CLI interface or editing the .config files, but the problem is that most tutorials I could find on the internet only cover the nftables specific settings, which are just too much for me as I have almost zero knowledge about firewalls, including the terminology.

Can someone suggest me an introductory source material for setting up a firewall for noobs?

I have read the followings:
My top 10 reasons to still use Arch after 2 months on my main PC at home.
While the basic concepts of firewall related things are easy to understand, the common software implementation are quite overcomplicated and definitely not easy to use.

My go-to resource is this Arch wiki entry about how to create a "simple stateful firewall" with iptables. Maybe you can adapt it for nftables.
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