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Kernel Upgrade with Terminal?
How do you upgrade the kernel with a terminal command? It's really easy with the GUI but if I login to another computer with SSH I would like to do it with a terminal command. 

I've tried,
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade

They upgrade everything except the kernel.
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I have one system running Mint 18.3 which I update remotely through SSH but for kernel updates I have have to actually go to the machine and use the GUI update manager.

I've tried accessing the remote computer usng ssh -x <ip-address> and then entering sudo mintupdate. This opens the update manager but when I try to install the updates, the terminal seemed to hang and I had to close it by clicking the close button on top. But when I went to the computer and opened update manager, it showed no updates so apparently the update was installed. It wasn't a kernel update but it seems like it would still work since I was remotely going through the GUI.

I did a Google search and found there there are command line utilities that will do it.

I hope this will be helpful or at least be something to try. Good luck.
I only install the latest Kernel when it's available in the Update Manager...which I believe is the safest way. [Image: animated-thumbs-smiley-image-0006.gif]
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