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Linux on Asus Tablet
Hi, I have an "Asus transformer pad MODEL TF300T" tablet, and I want to install linux on it.
Can you recommend a distribution for the tablet and how to install it? Please.
Thank you
I suggest you research the sort of distribution that would suit your skills and the sort of applications you might want to run on the computer. Nobody can be more specific unless you supply that information.

Once you have selected a few distributions that appeal you should download the iso images, burn onto bootable USB sticks, and then test them on your computer without installing. Once you are happy with your choice click on the install button and follow the instructions that will be presented.

Joe Collins videos can help you on both aspects.
Cliff Coggin
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(11-16-2019, 01:01 PM)Daniel2213 Wrote: Hi, I have an "Asus transformer pad MODEL TF300T" tablet, and I want to install linux on it.

Isn't that an android device?

Installing Linux on anything other than standard PC architectures is not something a novice can do.

Devices running android usually use ARM processors, which rules out a lot of "easy to install" distributions. Even if a distribution has an ARM image, the chance that it will run on that specific ARM chip is low. Such devices usually also have locked-down boot code, meaning you can not simply plug a USB in and expect it to boot from that. And even if you could do so, a lot of the components of such tablets are specially designed for android, meaning that the chance that there are drivers for things like WiFi, the camera, the soundcard and other components is basically nonexistent.
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