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How to Upgrade or Downgrade Kernels in Linux Mint
Joe Collins posted a great video for upgrading and downgrading your Linux Mint active kernel here:

I apologize in advance, I am new to these forums and I did search the forums, but did not find a suitable place to post this information, so I decided to post it here.

I love this video, it is still completely helpful today. However I would like to add some information to this for viewers. I upgraded Linux Mint from 4.15 to 5.0 which worked perfectly well for me and I did not have any bugs. I later upgraded to 5.3 because I wanted to play with some of the new Snapdragon code. But after upgrading, I had a common bug issue with my Nvidia drivers. The meltdown was so bad that it completely disabled the Driver Manager and I was permanently stuck in 640 laptop graphics. At this point I wanted to roll back to the starting kernel.

Reboot and holding the Shift key did not bring up the Grub window, no matter how many times I tried. Finally I rebooted and alternated pushing the left and right shift keys back and forth before the motherboard bios screen appeared. If I waited until the bios screen, it was too late. Once Grub came up, I followed the directions in the video and I was able to return to my previous kernel.

Rolling back to the previous kernel did not fix my Nvidia issues. The Driver update utility was still completely locked and my system was not working with the Nvidia driver, nor did I have any hardware acceleration. There are many complicated ways to remove the Nvidia drivers. I prefer to do things as simple as possible with less collateral damage to dependent files.

For my application, I was able to use this single command:
sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current

And to reinstall Nvidia:

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
 After this, my Driver Manager functioned normally and all was right in my world again. Blush
Now and then when a new Kernel came out I'd get the "Black Screen of Death"  [Image: t1949.gif] and I'd have to roll back to the previous Kernel...I also had a nvidia Graphics Card which was old. [Image: s0705.gif]

I switched to nouveau display driver and now every new Kernel works problems at all...that was two years ago. [Image: t2009.gif]
Linux Forever...Windoze Never       [Image: t12701.gif]
Do you by any chance have a Timeshift snapshot from before the problem you could revert to? If not it would be worth your while setting up the application once you have got a working system again, as it will greatly simplify this sort of problem. Ensure you install snapshots somewhere other than root which is usually too small. I prefer home but the choice is yours.
Cliff Coggin
Mint 19.2 Cinnamon

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