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File sharing with MuWire over i2p
Hello guys. I wanted to share to you MuWire
Btw, im just a regular MuWire user.

- MuWire is a file sharing program inspired by LimeWire but completely anonymous. It uses I2P for all communication thus keeping your IP address private. You can share, search and download files of any type without relying on a centralized tracker like BitTorrent.
- Appimage with embedded i2p router.
- User-friendly app
@Joe You could post a video about MuWire, that would be helpful.
What is the main selling point of this software compared to buttorrent? If you want to share stuff in a decentralized way (like Linux install ISOs, or other free software bundles with large file sizes that would be difficult and slow to host on a centralized location for example), bittorrent is a good enough protocol for that by my opinion. Does this software make it possible for people living in countries of censored internet to access files their government blocks?
My top 10 reasons to still use Arch after 2 months on my main PC at home.
(11-03-2019, 03:57 PM)TarsolyGer Wrote: What is the main selling point of this software compared to buttorrent?

Different use cases. I would guess I2P is more private than bittorent.

Bittorrent is designed to share files with as many people as possible, while I2P is, to my knowledge, is designed to get data from one device to a single other device.

A seeding torrent server, by design, advertises the torrents it seeds (for example via broadcast pinging in the local network). As an example, I currently live in a student dorm complex, which uses a single network for each building. It would be trivial to monitor the network for torrent broadcasts to see what files are shared via bittorrent by other students in this building.

(By the way, you can use the download tool 'aria2c' to simply download torrents without using a complex torrent client and without seeding.)

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