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ZFS test system
I have installed Lubuntu 19.10 as a virtual machine in Virtual Box with the XFS file system instead of Ext-4. I am becoming a major fan of the LXQt desktop. We will see how much of a fan I will be of XFS. Joe had problems with it in Ubuntu 19.10 and gave up and switched back to Ext-4. Seems it forgot his data and applications on reboot.

I tried installing Ubuntu 19.10 a number of times but the installer kept freezing up.

Somehow I installed XFS when I was intending to install ZFS. (Things like that seem to happen to those of us who grew up back when people still spoke in English instead of in jargon and acronyms. I keep on learning from my mistakes.)

So now I will install a virtual machine with ZFS file system and see what happens.


edit: I got the Ubuntu 19.10 virtual machine installed in Virtual Box by increasing the memory to 6 gigabytes. The installer ate up so much of the host's memory that it was difficult to get the host machine shutdown. But on a fresh boot, all seems well. The ZFS file system is working so far.


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