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New Director of Ubuntu Desktop
It appears Martin Wimpress — of Ubuntu and, especially, Ubuntu MATE fame — has been appointed the new Director of Ubuntu Desktop:

It will be interesting to see what this means for desktop commitment and development for both Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE.

Maybe Joe Collins can interview him for his next video.
"Director of Ubuntu Desktop" ... so what would that be?
Martin Wimpress is well known, but not that obscure corporate title
(10-24-2019, 02:33 PM)mexsudo Wrote: "Director of Ubuntu Desktop" ... so what would that be?
Martin Wimpress is well known, but not that obscure corporate title

That's a fair point.  Perhaps I'm projecting my hope for the OS.  The last person to hold the position, Will Cooke, oversaw the death of Unity, the layoff of hundreds of employees, and a return to GNOME, in the form of their implementation of GNOME 3.  Consequently, there was a lot of talk about Canonical abandoning any commitment to the desktop — and choosing to focus on server, professional support, and an ever speculated IPO and buyout.

Martin Wimpress, on the other hand, is known for his commitment to desktop Linux and the development of Ubuntu MATE.  Only time will tell what, if any, import Wimpress's new title holds for Ubuntu and his existing commitments to Ubuntu MATE, but I'm hopeful it is a positive sign.  And, of course, I realize the world of desktop Linux is alive and well and bigger than one company.  But that doesn't mean I'm rooting against Canonical and Ubuntu, like some people in the community.  Just my two cents.
it is clear that Canonical needs to be profitable, thanks for them supporting Ubuntu.
being privately held, we can't tell if they are even close.

to be honest, I don't use many Ubuntu/Canonical products any more, other than Synaptic that I do use daily.

Mate is my first choice of all desktops, always has been, going back a couple decades.

I do see Martin Wimpress is very involved in the Ubuntu Mate implementation, and he is also on the Mate "core team" (, but not quite as visible in the day to day bug tracking and development (

Being in this new position that Could change radically...
I wish him well
So "Wimpy" is off to Still dealing with Ubuntu MATE though. See OMG Ubuntu 1 Feb 2021

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