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How do I enlarge the Openbox menu (SOLVED)
In an Arch virtual machine with a custom built Openbox desktop, I  have gotten Obmenu-generator working, which creates a dynamic menu with icons.

[Image: desktop_with_menu.jpg]

My question is: how do I make the menu larger on the screen?

Obmenu-generator changes the "~/.config/openbox/menu.xml" file so that it runs the file that has been generated in the "~/.config/obmenu-generator" directory. This determines the content and layout of the menu, but I can find no code to determine the size, neither in "" nor in ""

I have looked through the "~/.config/openbox/rc.xml" file and can find no code to determine the size in there either.

Where is the menu size set?


in the manjaro forum i found this code (same file you just mentioned) :

<font place="MenuItem">
     <!-- font size in points -->
     <!-- 'bold' or 'normal' -->
     <!-- 'italic' or 'normal' -->

apparently is the number 9 you want to change.
Or in gui form: right-click, Settings>Openbox Configuration Manager>Appearance.

I am not saying this by experience but because i read it there:
Know because i am curious i love to know if that worked.

side note: i didn't even know desktop icone were a thing in openbox.
Thank you sir. Now I can see the damn thing.

[Image: desktop_with_menu.jpg]

[Image: desktop_with_icons_larger.jpg]

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