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Best Linux for my netbook?
Hello World,
This is my first post here on ezeelinux. After watching a lot of the videos on the Joe Collins Youtube channel, i have finally made the switch to Linux and am now currently using Linux Mint as my main driver. I have an old netbook, Acer Aspire One D150 lying about and am wondering if i can revive the same using a Linux distro. The specs are Atom N270 processor, 1 GB Ram and 80 GB HDD. If everything works out well i want to give it to my nephew. Usage will be the occasional browsing and watching videos, nothing else. Will the current version of Lubuntu work well on this netbook. Or do i need to install a previous version. If not please give other suggestions. Also note this netbook came preinstalled with Windows XP. All the help on this matter is appreciated.
Many Thanks.

I am not sure if a lubuntu will work just fine or if you need something even lighter, but i can tell you this: if you can boot into a live environment, you can check if everything works well. By that i mean you can use it to connect to the internet, see if you online videos play well, if the computer response are acceptable, ie if your cursor moves across your screen without problems.

While in your live environment, install htop and run it in your terminal to have a look at memory usage it will give you and idea if the computer can handle that distro. Just keep in mind a live environment will not be at 100% of his capacities but it is enough to have a cloue about the computer capacities.

Last thing: maybe you already read this link, but here is an article which presents 10 lightweight linux distro: but you can find more distros by googling it. just don't stop at numbers, also see what is in the repos.
A very important thing to keep in mind about really old hardware is you may be able to get an old computer to run again with a light Linux distro, but modern apps may really struggle to run or not run at all.  I think you will have a hard time running a modern version of a web browser, let alone playing video with such an old cpu and such little ram.

If you still want to try it, the extra-light distros I tend to recommend are antiX, Linux Lite, and Puppy Linux.  Peppermint is also a really nice light distro, but I would recommend running it on a higher spec'd machine, closer to their recommended requirements.  And keep in mind the difference between the minimum hardware requirements and the recommended hardware requirements stated when checking out a distro.  Also, make sure to check whether an old machine is 32-bit or 64-bit, and install the correct version.

*EDIT*   For anyone else reading this, occasionally people ask about installing really old versions of a distro to make it work on older machines, but unless the machine is never going to be connected to the internet, I wouldn't recommend installing a version of a distro that has reached end-of-life and no longer receives security updates.

Good Luck!
I know that the answer I am about to give is very short, but you should look into CrunchBang ++, considering its a netbook.
[Image: IplgSBz.png]
I realize the question is a few months old but this answer may still be relevant to the OP and others.

Linus Lite works reasonably well on old hardware and it gave my old ASUS NJ10 netbook a new lease of life.
I still use it occasionally when I travel to check emails, browse the web, play music and videos.

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