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Mint 19.2 to Replace Ubuntu 18.04
I currently have installed Ubuntu 18.04 with a Home folder, NOT a separate partition. I want to replace this with Mint 19.2 while retaining the contents of my Home Folder. How do I do this?

I already have a USB stick for Mint 19.2.

Thank you for your advice.

    Chaim Frazer
first, install your now system alongside what you have now (shrink existing partitions as needed, create new ones in the format you desire)
then, as you settle into using your new system, Copy the folders from your Old system (not Move).
after a bit of time (hours, weeks, whatever), you will have accomplished your main goal.
Bonus: your Old system will be available for reference and backup if your New system develops a big bug.

PS: I assume your personal data is already properly backedup off machine
I think the easiest way to do this is to backup all the files you need from your current /home folder and replace Ubuntu with Mint. This way you get advantage of your entire drive and don't have to mess with partitions.
“And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.”
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i Agree with the previous message: the simplest way is to back up all your files/folders you want to keep in an other computer, in the cloud, in a USB stick (obviously not the one you gonna use to install your iso in) or an external hard drive. What ever is better for you. Than you wipe out the drive, you do a fresh install and put your saved data back in.
It is simpler and faster to do one only installation rather than 2.

You can use joe's BU tool or simply rsync to do the back up to outside your machine.

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