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how to mount VBox GuestAdditions in Arch (SOLVED)
I have an Arch machine running in Virtual Box. I am building an Openbox desktop.

When I insert the Guest Additions .iso file into the virtual cdrom drive, it does not show up anywhere that I can find. I created a /media/cdrom directory. It is not mounted there. When I go to "Devices" and tell it to remove the .iso, it asks me if I want to force an unmount. That is normal. What this tells me is that it is mounted somewhere. But how do I find out where?

Arch does not automount anything. The drive should however be visible with 'lsblk'. You can mount it like you would mount any other drive via the 'mount' command, although you might have to use loopback.
I ran lsblk and found it as /dev/sr0. I mounted it, ran the .run file and it installed. On to the next roadblock.

Your expertise is priceless.


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