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how to change keyboard in Openbox (SOLVED)
I am building Openbox as the desktop on an Arch virtual machine. I have it up and running nicely, except for one thing: the default keyboard, in xorg or Openbox, is the US English keyboard. I cannot find a way to change to the Spanish keyboard. I live in Mexico. We use Spanish keyboards.

I have the .vconsole file set as: KEYMAP=es, which changes the keyboard in tty, but in Openbox it does not.

The wikis I read use so much techie jargon I can't quite get what they are talking about. I know computers, Linux, and Arch pretty well, but I don't know all that jargon.

Does anyone know a way, in plain English, for accomplishing this task?

Try the following command:

setxkbmap -layout es
Leon, --- it worked. I put that command in openbox/autostart for it to persist.

Many thanks.


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