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New to EzeeTalk and Linux Mint
Hello All,

My name is Doug, in case you couldn't tell from my user name, lol. I made the switch to Linux Mint about 2 months ago. It took me a month to get it setup properly mostly due to me being my worst enemy. I was originally going to go with Solus but it did not recognize my RAID, Mint did however.
I also looked at Manjaro after getting a little frustrated with Mint (about 2 weeks into my setup adventure).

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and got things worked out. I really love Mint!

I watched a lot of Youtube vids and stumbled onto JC's (not sure if it's ok to use people's names on here so I'll stick with initials for now). Those vids really helped me a lot.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about Linux and Linux Mint.

Well hello "my name is Doug"!   :-)
Welcome to the Forum... Also Welcome to Linux!
You will find out that there are lots of good folks here EzzeTalk that are more than willing to help! I am here to tell you that a bunch of them have been on Linux for a long time and are so helpful and willing to share their knowledge and give a helping hand in this wonderful World called LINUX...
The one thing to remember and probably the most important, You will reinstall your Distro a few times when you do the "Oh! Crap!" thing. It is part of the learning experience and the fun called Linux...

I reinstalled Mint 4 times in one day alone at first and as time went on things got better and TONS of help from JC's video's... Lol We call him Joe collins here or better known as the "Fearless Leader" which he post things from time to time... He is a great person and a inspiration to me. Joe was the one that got me started with Linux 2 + years ago and I have learned so much in this forum too! I have been doing more with the command line and I like it more and more all the time... Big Grin

Well now that I have rambled on for to long, my messages tend to to that ,,,Lol!!

Anyway Doug, Welcome and have fun in this cool world called Linux... Big Grin
Welcome!  This site is a great place for knowledge and community help.

If you are using Linux Mint, you can also find a lot LM specific information and help in their official forums:

Good Luck!
Welcome to the Forum. [Image: m0135.gif]

I love and use Linux Mint too...have been using it for over three years now.  [Image: m0113.gif]  The 19 years of using Windoze before that is just a bad memory now and you'll find Mint so much better.  [Image: m0121.gif]
Linux Forever...Windoze Never       [Image: t12701.gif]

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