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Well if more people try it they will change their minds.

I was researching options that Linux provides and almost gave up on it - but then I ran into that video "Linux is not Windows" (or is the other way around?). Since I do not have a youtube account I came here to write a big THANK YOU JOE!

Writing this from a Linux desktop right now, XFCE and MATE installed just because why not :Big Grin
It feels and looks better than Windows to me, the only thing I am missing on it is the games. But I got my hands on tetris, pacman and the knights (with crafty). Cool stuffSmile

And btw, I had zero issues installing Linux and later on installing nvidia drivers. I've heard nvidia drivers could break many things but I had zero issues. Everything just works.

All the best dude and thanks for those videos. Proper way to explain how stuff works and why it is the way it is.

Maybe a little off topic, but, I switched to Linux Mint about a year ago and would never go back to Windows. This from a guy that has 50 years in the computer world working on everything from IBM mainframes to some of the first PCs and Apples IIs and a whole lot inbetween.

I like it so much, that I've been converting some of my peers to it over the past year (over a dozen so far) and none want to go back to Windows. BTW, I live in a "over 55" community ans most of my "clients" are far over 55.

What I like about Linux Mint is it's "Windows-ish". When I show people how it works, they get it right away because it kind of works like Windows (to them anyway). These are people that bought a computer years a go and all the know is what they have been told, "Windows is great". The don't need the power of Windows (those that do know what they are doing), all they need is a computer that gets them on the web, maybe write a letter, play some music. They just want a system that works! They may not do all the updates they should, but at least they are far better off with Linux then they ever will be on Windows.

Thank you Joe, you are an inspiration to me and many "noobs" like me. Keep up the good work and like an boss used to tell me "Don't let the bastards wear you down".
(12-19-2019, 02:00 PM)Joel920 Wrote: ..."Don't let the bastards wear you down".

In Pseudo Latin, that would be "Illegitimi non carborundum".  Wink

One has to be proactive, not reactive, to ensure the safety of one's data so backup your data! And RAID is NOT a backup!
Big Grin 
The way I see it, there will always be those who need/want an alternative to Windows and Mac OS. Once you start to truly own and control your PC, there's no going back. The only reason I still primarily use Windows today is because I am a gamer. Gaming on linux can be fantastic, and it's fun to mess around with it. But at the end of the day, I want to just be able to play all my games and not worry about if it'll run through Wine or Proton, performance issues, or what have you. With that being said, gaming on linux has gained major traction from some of the big boys in the industry so it's getting better day after day. Desktop linux has many uses, gaming is just one major aspect of why it's successful and calling desktop linux a failure is just being naive in my opinion.

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