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running out of storage space
Hi everyone hope you guys can help me with some issues I'm having on my machine... I've noticed that for the past few months my storage has been running out consistently even though I'm not installing new software or downloading anything heavier than a few MB, which I also regularly clean up once I upload them to the cloud. For the most part I use Firefox for reading news, blogs and youtube videos but again I regularly clean the cache, history, etc...

So I have no idea why is my storage being shrinking and I'm reaching dangerous levels (< 1GB) and still have no idea what to do! I have even uninstalled some software that I don't use that regularly but that only bought me some time until now, which is how I realized of this issue.

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 (I should probably update...) and I'm familiar only with the basics of Linux as I use Windows mostly but I'm looking to switch. On Windows I never had this problem as I just run CCleaner every so often, but I read in this very forum (and others) not to run the equivalent BleachBit, so I'm here looking for suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance! I've just discovered EzeeLinux on YT and I'm really learning a lot!
What sort of storage are you running out of? Root, home, something else?

A common mistake I have seen reported recently is storing Timeshift snapshots in root. If that's your problem, delete a few snapshots to give yourself some breathing room, then relocate Timeshift to home. If the problem is something else more detail will be needed.
Cliff Coggin
Mint 19.2 Cinnamon
Your system could be keeping old Linux kernels. To clean out all unused system files, open a terminal and run "sudo apt autoremove". It is completely harmless.

I use Ubuntu 16.04 and I see no reason to change until the long term support expires. I like the Unity desktop, which has been discontinued.

Agreed.  I've never had anything more stable or a layout more convenient to my tastes than 16.04 with Unity.  I will ride it out until end of life.
You can easiely analyse the disk usage of your directory tree with a program called 'baobab'.
The Disk Usage Analyzer utility, based on Baobab, is included in Ubuntu 16.04.  Baobab, itself, may have more options, though.
Thank you all for your help, I've been looking into it and I was able to clear a little bit more space from some unused software and cached folders, but definitely "sudo apt autoremove" helped (cleared about 500MB alone).

I will look into deleting Timeshift snapshots and also Disk Usage Analyzer, see what else is going on there. Thank you guys!
I put all of my Timeshifts on 2 external  HDD's  Iv'e used it a time or three and had good results recovering my system.  I back up the system files and hidden files in the Home folder to keep my configured files and all my data files are kept on the computer when I restore.
Good Luck.

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