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Write your own screenfetch script
Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I have been online here and I just wanted to share a fun little project I had been working on over the last day or so.  Ufetch has been a popular subject among other linux channels and it is way faster and more minimal than screenfetch, but i wanted features from screenfetch and the speed of ufetch, so I wrote my own little  terminal information fetcher script.

It is Debian Specific, but it can easily be changed to work with your distro of choice. I will post a link to the quick little video I made about it as well as a link to my GitHub page if you are interested in checking it out or taking it and making it your own.

I am neither a developer nor an expert, so if you do check it out and notice something I could have written better, please feel free to let me know.  Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Github Page:




Edit:  I did go back and revise the code while writing this post to remove the "( )" from the output.
Thanks for sharing! I have a script that extracts basic system information and writes it to a file in my home directory which I find useful as a reference. I'm always looking for different ways to extract the information and, hopefully, make my script more efficient or at least display it nicer.

Your methods to get the CPU model and memory information served as a launching point to try new approaches in my script In Linux, there is always more than one way to do something.
I totally agree... And I'm glad it gave you some ideas for your script. There may be a better way of doing what I did. So if someone sees anything I could do better or more efficiently, please let me know.

Thank you

That is the cool thing I like about Linux... There are more that one way to get the same thing done... Linuxdabblers project help me with one of mine as his way of getting the CPU info was way better that the way I was doing it...LOL Big Grin
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