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.bashrc created in bash, which was inside another bash. Where is the .bashrc file?
Hi, new guy here, I have been following Joe Collins on Youtube, his content is great. This is not a biggie, I am just curious, expanding my own knowledge of the terminal. 

I created a .bashrc file in a bash shell that was opened up inside another bash shell. I had been typing bash mistakenly thinking that it was reloading the bash shell, it was not, it creates a new instance. The correct command is 'exec bash'. lol Anyway, the .bashrc file saved, but when I typed exit, and returned to the original bash shell, the .bashrc file was different, it was my original file. 

So, where did the .bashrc file go that I edited? It is not in my home director that I can see. Thanks in advance.
Open your file manager; go to root (in Ubuntu it is "computer"; in Arch it is "file system). open a search and enter "bashrc". It will list all of the files on your system that have "bashrc" in their titles.

Hi, Most likely it is in your home folder ( /home/user_name ) but the bashrc file is a hidden file like this ".bashrc"... Notice that there is a (.) in front or bashrc.... This tells the system that it is a hidden file....
To see the hidden files in your Home directory pressing the key combinations of ( Ctrl key + the H key  ) will unhide the  hidden files and you should find it... If you want to hide them again just use the say key combination again...
Hope this helps!
Oh! almost for got. to see the changes you in the bash file you will have to exit the terminal and start a new one to see the changes. You can also issue the command in the terminal,
source .bashrc
Make sure that you are in your home folder (/home/user_name)....

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