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Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Madness
Linux has gotten so damn good in the last couple of years that it’s become somewhat boring. Install it, set it up and forget it… It’ll take care of itself. Just when I thought it had all become a big yawn-fest, Ubuntu MATE 19.10 comes along and puts it all back in perspective for me. I have had a blast playing around with this latest incarnation of the old GNOME 2. It took me back to an earlier time when Linux was still working through growing pains on the desktop and it makes me very excited about the future of Linux on the Desktop at the same time. MATE is a fork of GNOME 2 and it has kept very close to the original way that wonderful environment got things done. This is how Linux felt when Ubuntu was first released. It unapologetically leaves it that way. Thank goodness!

To be blunt, I am sick of the “throw it all away” attitude that a lot of desktop developers have adopted lately, especially the GNOME project. I like things to be simple but it can be taken too far. GNOME crossed that line for me when they eliminated the active desktop. They blamed it on poor implementation in the Nautilus file manager. Instead of fixing the issues, they just dumped it. Same thing for transparent panels and panel indicators. Poof. Didn’t want to deal with it. The Ubuntu 18.04 implementation of GNOME is pretty cool but later versions just make me scratch my head; Ubuntu keeps adding plugins to get back functionality GNOME drops. Crazy. KDE is too complex for me and XFCE is a bit too hackish for my taste.

I used to love Linux Mint’s Cinnamon Desktop and I recommended it to new users for years. Well, they lost me when they decided to make it more “modern.” Yes, you can switch to the old lay out but it’s not the same. I also find Cinnamon to be terribly unstable. It crashes and goes to a fallback mode that looks like MATE. Well, I think I’ll just start out with MATE and then I’ll be fine. Right? Mint is still a great place to start for tonal noobs, though. I can’t say bad things about it because it continues to lead new folks into the world of Linux.

As I mentioned in the last video I posted, I’ve been warming up to Ubuntu MATE for a while now. If Mint is everything you need all setup and ready to go, Ubuntu MATE is like a really cool kit you build yourself. You just follow the instructions int eh Welcome screen, grab some applications from the Software Boutique and you've got your very own customized ol’ skule Linux install… Brilliant.

Thank goes out to Wimpy and the team. They nailed it this time.
-- Your Fearless Leader!

Wait there are other desktop distros?  Wink

Long live Ubuntu MATE the only distro I recommend to family, friends, and clients for Linux desktops.  I even have custom mugs and t-shirts pushing this distro.

I stick with LTSes and recommend most others but I am looking forward to the new additions for 20.04 LTS.  See ya Compiz.  It is unfortunate about Thunderbird and VLC but not a big deal to install.

Oh well stay safe Wimpy many are counting on your continued leadership for this distro.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

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(09-30-2019, 11:14 PM)EzeeLinux Wrote: To be blunt, I am sick of the “throw it all away” attitude that a lot of desktop developers have adopted lately, especially the GNOME project.

I get your point, but I have to disagree with this.

The typical computer desktop most people use is, at its core, basically a slightly improved version of the Windows95 interface. We are all used to that and it does indeed work, but is it really the best way to interact with your computer? I believe it is not. So I am glad that projects like GNOME are trying to come up with something new. GNOME is far from perfect, that is no secret, but I like to believe that it is a step in the right direction: Trying something new instead of mimicing what has been done. And throwing away the old stuff is inevitable for innovation.

Obviously doing something different just for the sake of having something new and shiny is not sensible. But we do have to wonder how to improve not just the software, but also the underlying paradigm, the idea how to interact with the device.
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ho hum
Yes, Mate is a great desktop.
Unfortunately many judge Mate on what they see produced by Mint and Ubuntu, both are rather morphed and crude renditions.

Ubuntu implements it pretty well (better then Mint by a long shot0, but in my opinion not really great.
Moving away from the actual Mate base and using odd ball apps is not my cup of tea.

Ubuntu Mate is easy to install, and starts all pimped out ... but

For those that really like Mate I suggest Debian as a base. Not all that hard to install, and it is rather easy to build it your way. The added benefit of Stability may appeal to some of you.

I did a test install of the 19.10 Beta and was much less that thrilled... and then I deleted it after about an hour.
frustrated I had to remind myself Beta is Beta so I will wait for the final version and try it again.
Quote:Ubuntu implements it pretty well (better then Mint by a long shot), but in my opinion not really great.

I have both a virtual Arch machine and a virtual Ubuntu machine running with the Mate desktop. The Mate desktop in Arch that came from the Arch repository is not so bare-bones as the Ubuntu version.

When my current LTS (Ubuntu 16.04) runs out, I am, as of now, planning to install Arch with Mate as my main desktop machine. I plan to keep Ubuntu 16.04 until LTS expires. I like the Unity desktop better than any of them.


I understand our fearless leader feeling. But i think this is an endless feeling. When we start to see too many troubles in a DE, we switch and our desktop experience become a dream again until... Until we get sick of it again, switch and restart the loop.

Don't misunderstand me: the DE out there are all great. Some are easier to like other less, but this is just because of our needs. I personaly like XFCE because it is lightweight and it as a minimalist look out of the box. Mate is good as well, cinnamon crushed too many times one me but it is a great piece of work despise of it. Gnome, well, it is not for me.

But because i ended up looking at this fact: i will never be fully happy with any DE, and i use a lot of keyboard shortcut (in xfce) i decided to give a go to I3WM. And guess what: i am totally mastering my desktop, i never felt so happy with my desktop experience since i switched.
OK, i have to admit: it is a nightmare to begin with. You have to spend time hacking your config file, going back and forward changing pieces of it until it is THE ONE. But once you get to that point, it is simply lovely.

So i am currently on arch, but if i ever move away to an other distro i will use some headless maybe ubuntu or Debian and put an I3WM with lightdm pcmanfm and all this nice stuff. Why? because this is the only way i can get satisfaction out of my desktop nowadays.
Quote:i decided to give a go to I3WM. And guess what: i am totally mastering my desktop, i never felt so happy with my desktop experience since i switched.

You got me interested. Here I go, making another Arch virtual machine, with i3.

i3wm does look like a rewarding challenge.  Maybe I will fool with it in the future when I have more free time.

As a daily driver, I will cling to Unity until 16.04 EOL.

I do like how convenient Ubuntu MATE's different stock panel layouts are under it's tweak tool.  There's something there for most people's tastes, without having to walk new users through endless extensions.

On a side note, I really hope some of the Linux phone ventures, like Purism's and Pine 64's attempts, are successful enough to push forward more open alternatives to Android and iOS, and maybe improve Linux touchscreen capabilities while they're at it.  I don't think stock GNOME will make sense to me until I'm viewing it on a tablet or phone.
(10-02-2019, 07:19 PM)Richard Wrote:
Tuxinho Wrote:i decided to give a go to I3WM. And guess what: i am totally mastering my desktop, i never felt so happy with my desktop experience since i switched.
You got me interested.

Haha same for me!
But in Arch, if you are using a display manager with a greeter like LightDM, it is possible to have different DEs installed on the same machine. On mine, Budgie Desktop and Cinnamon coexist quite well. And by my estimation, I3WM is so different that it would probably not interfere with the other DEs either.
My top 10 reasons to still use Arch after 2 months on my main PC at home.
OK guys, so we don't mess up this thread with off topic stuff: Smile

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