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OS Market Share Through The Years
I am not sure where this data is coming from but this video is putting Linux OS share (desktop/laptops) around 7%.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

* Desktop: Ubuntu MATE
* Windows are for your walls, Apple is for your health, Linux is for your computer
I saw that video also but what got me was the comments about : yeah but windows is always on top : but the commenters never noticed that mac/linux nearly quadrupled the share they had at the start.
Quote:what got me was the comments about : yeah but windows is always on top

McDonald's hamburgers are always on top too. Most people will settle for garbage.

I don't take any notice of these things...what I do know is at the end of the year when Micro$oft kills Windoze 7...Linux usage will skyrocket.  [Image: t2042.gif]   [Image: m0103.gif]

Forgot to my part of the world if you buy a Laptop it comes with Windoze Pre-Installed like it or not. [Image: m0918.gif] You're forced to pay for an OS (Windoze Spyware 10) you don't want and Micro$oft has the hide to say..."Look how many people use Windoze". [Image: t2401.gif] [Image: t1940.gif]
Linux Forever...Windoze Never       [Image: t12701.gif]
I think the world of Linux developers showed us that we don't need to have superior market shares to have superior os and software.
My top 10 reasons to still use Arch after 2 months on my main PC at home.

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