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A question about Adobe Flash
I run Ubuntu 16.04 and use Firefox with the Adobe Flash plug-in. I keep reading that it is a security risk.

What flash player should I use instead?


Flash Player is an antiquated technology with a plethora of security issues that have never been addressed. If you need to use it for some reason, however, you have to live together with the security risks it poses.
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The problem is that a lot of the things on the web require a flash ṕlayer in order to see them. How do you deal with that?

I simply will not look at web sites that require Flash. It's their loss, not mine.
Cliff Coggin
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Well luckily less and less requires Flash.  However if you really need to look at said things then just use Adobe Flash.   It is what it is.

You should setup a specific browser to use Flash for those core sites and then your main browser disable Flash.  That way you reduce your exposure.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

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