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Repost - Screensaver / Blanking after -TINA - install?
I thought that the issue had resolved itself but it seems to continue on and off, that the screensaver is not showing, only a fade to blank screen after I installed the update for Tina 19.2 from Tara 19.0.

Any help appreciated.  I connected to the internet yesterday and it seemed to resolve, but today it is faulty again?

Hopefully solved the issue.

Rolled back timeshift snapshot, turned off all extra startup actions (redshift/printer/screensaver/etc), screen saver was off anyway in control panel, turned off power management, installed all updates, created snapshot, reboot, install TINA, reboot, install TINA updates, reboot, activate all startups and control panel settings, test the screensaver OFFLINE, and the blank screen after, then online, and the 10 minute interuption of video play etc.

Seems fine, in case anyone else has this issue. Will update this if it fails again...

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