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Ubuntu Studio to Xubuntu without losing anything
Hi Guys

I finally got my Roland SC-8850 working in Ubuntu Studio and Reaper as my DAW to entertain myself while I try and learn Linux.
After watching Chris's latest YouTube vid about Light installs and debloating, could I convert my Ubuntu Studio into Xbuntu? I believe
they both use XFCE, or do I need to start from Scratch again?

I have an HP Mini (Celeron) with an SSD and 8Gb RAM lying around and was amazed that the Midi Timing didn't even Glitch while multitasking
in Ubuntu Studio. Every Windows Hiccups and Farts if you try do background tasks while running timing critical apps on my i7. I was impressed.
Maybe the other alternative is just to debloat Ubuntu Studio? My Installs are a mess as I am learning and the apps are loaded in Downloads
and the desktop.


If you are actually doing audio stuff, then I am pretty sure UbuntuStudio is better for you than Xubuntu. UbuntuStudio comes with the "JACK Audio Connection Kit" already set up, while Xubuntu solely relies on PulseAudio. PulseAudio is fine for normal desktop usage, but for anything professional, where you need real-time, low latency audio, you need JACK. I am pretty sure JACK is the reason why your audio has been so nice on Linux compared to Windows.

Setting up JACK is annoying (nothing I'd ever want to do), so UbuntuStudio having it setup by default is nice.

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