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Midi workstation Distro Newbie Question
I am distro Hopping trying to get away from Windows. I am currently on Ubuntu Studio (Again) I have a small HP 110-410ni Celeron with 8Gb of RAM and 250GB SSD purely for Learning Linux and running a small Midi Editing function. I have seen there are Roland SC-8850 USB drivers for Linux but I want to know which is the Best Distro for this application before I go so far down the Rabbit hole and wish I had got the right Distro first time around. Then I will ask for help with the USB driver errors. Audio is irrelevant as the Midi module goes to my Studio Monitors via a Mixer anyway. I am currently running Cakewalk Pro Audio on Windows on an HP Proliant Microserver and it runs fine (That is a Dual AMD N54 2x 2.2ghz ) also with 8Gb but Not SSD. I will then decide on what Program to run the Midi editing (Qtractor, Rosegarden any suggestions?)

If the specs on this is inadequate I have a 2.8 Quad Core with 8Gb lying around I could just put the SSD in but it's not as compact. I would have thought this would handle midi streams without issue

HP 110-410ni Celeron
processor    : 0
vendor_id    : GenuineIntel
cpu family    : 6
model        : 55
model name    : Intel® Celeron® CPU  J1800  @ 2.41GHz
stepping    : 8
microcode    : 0x838
cpu MHz        : 2207.465
cache size    : 1024 KB


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