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My old friend Enlightenment
Hi All,

I just came across a long lost friend of mine: Enlightenment DE - I saw that after 4 years of development, a new version was released. In Ubuntu, only the previous version is available from  APT  (yeah... no.. I am not building make files anymore - especially since my Linux PC's are for work only). I installed Enlightenment on my desktop from APT - and had a go for a while.. WOW, lightweight, snappy, reasonably customisable - It had been 17 years since I last saw Enlightenment, so I was a bit rusty with it (to say the least)...

I may actually build a VM with this to explore it further - @Joe - maybe a good video topic? Smile

Oh - my production PC's are Gnome - I had to chuckle at Joe's video (I have been Gnome'd too)



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