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Display/Desktop extends offscreen? Try this first
I'll bet that other newbies have run into this issue. i connected to my Philips 50in class TV and lost the right and left icons (still worked but had to click in the blind)

I was all set to delve into drivers and Mint settings and decided to be lazy...ok I AM lazy, and try the settings on the TV, Selected  "unscaled" instead of Auto and BOOM perfect beautiful Cinnamon GUI fit.
The lesson here being, don't be too clever for your own good, sometimes easy is good.

I'll bet this might work for others.

system info in Mint--Dell Inspirion i5 all intel motherboard 8G ram with onboard intel video HDMI interface. This was going to be just a multi-media system but damn Linux Mint ROCKS, this may be my primary desktop. Tongue
Cool Cool beans,  and Welcome to the EzeeTalk forum.
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