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Hi folks!  I'm an extreme newbie to Linux.  I know just enough to really mess things up!  Just installed 17.2 on a Dell mini (910).  It looks like Dell really meant for this little guy to have Windows XP.  Of course the onboard wifi isn't recognized.  A USB wifi works great.  Biggest problem is none of the keys on the right work such as backspace, ?,/.  Renders the thing useless for libre, terminal, etc.  I was able to assign backspace (delete previous character) to caps lock. Tried my hand at loading Broadcom driver for wifi, so far over my paygrade.  Any suggestions?
Are you aware that Mint 17 is dead? Support ended four months ago so you are likely wasting your time time trying to install an OS which can not be updated. Try Mint 18.3 or 19.2.
Cliff Coggin
Mint 19.2 Cinnamon
1.  To the best of my knowledge, Linux Mint 17.2 reached end of life in April 2019. 

2.  If the range of specs I found for the mini 910 are correct, unless you upgraded everything in that netbook at some point, your hardware will struggle to run a currently supported version of Linux Mint.

3.  I suggest you check out some of the lighter distros:

I recommend checking out Linux Lite, Puppy Linux, or antiX.  If you have higher specs than I found for the base mini 910, than maybe Peppermint OS.

Good Luck!

*EDIT:  User cliffcoggin already addressed point 1 while I was typing my reply, but I'll leave it.  Depending on your hardware, of course, I still recommend the lighter distros over a current version of LM.

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