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I have stumbled against synchronizing evolution with my smartphone.
My Google-Fu is strong and my patience stronger but I have exhausted my resources in both areas, I am afraid.
Here are the steps I undertook, after consulting this promising website.
I lavishly paid for a client called Synthesis SyncML Pro, the hefty sum of 40 bucks or so and proceeded to the following steps:
1 install misssing library: sudo apt install libgdbussyncevo0
1' install syncevo-http-server
2 start syncevo-http-server on the server:   syncevo-http-server http://111.11.111:9000/home/user/.config/syncevolution
3 configure the phone to point to the server on the Synthesis:
- server settings page,
- set the Server URL to: http://111.11.111:9000/home/user/.config/syncevolution
4 setup server
syncevolution --configure \
  --template default \
  --sync-property syncURL= \
  --sync-property peerIsClient=1 \
  --sync-property remoteDeviceId=9somenumberprosomeothernumber \
  --sync-property username=user_one \
  --sync-property password=somepasswordiwontgiveyouonlineyoulittlenosytroll \
  --source-property uri= \
  --source-property sync=none \

syncevolution --configure \
  --source-property type=file:text/vcard:3.0 \
  --source-property evolutionsource=file:///home/user/.config/syncevolution \
  SyncHub addressbook
syncevolution --configure \
  --source-property type=file:text/calendar:2.0 \
  --source-property evolutionsource=file://home//home/user/.config/syncevolution \
  SyncHub calendar
syncevolution --configure \
  --source-property type=file:text/calendar:2.0 \
  --source-property evolutionsource=file:///home/user/.config/syncevolution \
  SyncHub todo
syncevolution --configure \
  --source-property type=file:text/plain:1.0 \
  --source-property evolutionsource=file://home/user/.config/syncevolution \
  SyncHub memo
syncevolution --configure \
  --source-property type=virtual:text/calendar:2.0 \
  --source-property evolutionsource=calendar,todo \
  SyncHub calendar+todo

syncevolution --configure \
  --source-property sync=two-way \
  SyncHub addressbook calendar todo memo

5 run the sync on the client to ouptut the client device ID (shown on the server): never worked!
6 on server: configure a peer for the client: i think i did all i could with the help of the kind tech guy of Synthesis
7 on client: start sync==> to no avail, of course. i could not even get anything when trying to access the server address with my phone web browser, entering http://111.11.111:9000

I tried contacting the guy who runs the whole thing on github, he would not reply.
I tried the steps described in in her, too

Question: do you know how to make this thing work? if not, any idea how to sync evolution without resorting to third party servers or gmail?

Many thanks

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