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New Build
I am planning a new build in the next couple of Months.

 I am confident about building the system but having a problem picking parts in particular the CPU.

 I was thinking of an I7 but confused about socket types.

 With a Gigabyte motherboard 16G of RAM, EVGA psu 650 or 850....?.

 I do not do gaming but want a system that will last a few years.

 Budget £2000.

 Grateful for any advice.  Smile 

Hi Blaird
Why go for Intel? For the same price of a Intel CPU you can have a Mobo, cpu and cooler from AMD.
The system i build 2 years ago: X470 mobo (Aorus ultra gaming), 1800x amd cpu (don't buy that one now, go for 3700 x or better), radeon rx 570 8gb oc, 500 GB samsung ssd, 2 TB spinning rust for back-ups, 16 GB of 3200mhz ram. I payed less than a 1000 euro's. It is a beast of a system and i over clocked my cpu to 4 Ghz on all cores.

The question actually is: What are you planning on doing on the system? Heavy cpu tasks? Heavy graphics card tasks?
Make a list of what you are going to do with the pc, then search for what you need to have to do that task.

2000 pounds is a lot of money, you can build a beast of a workstation with that...if you stick to AMD. If you go for Intel the mobo/cpu/cooler combination, compared to AMD is way more expensive.

Hope i was of any assistance to you,

I have to agree that amd is your best choice at this time with a ryzen cpu.
I think I recall Cleverwise had a post not long ago with some specs that may fit you.
And it seems like every other year Intel gives everyone a new reason to label all Intel chips "Big Brother Inside".
Thanks Guys will certainly look at AMD  Big Grin
Definitely AMD Ryzen (gen 3) unless you want to pay more for buggy, security ridden, more power hungry, more expensive Intel offerings.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

* Desktop: Ubuntu MATE
* Windows are for your walls, Apple is for your health, Linux is for your computer
Have decided to go for AMD Ryzen,just need to pick a cpu and mobo now.  Rolleyes
Well the build is complete......but having problems.

Specs: M/B Asus Rog Strix B550-F Gaming
CPU Ryzen 7 3700X
          Drives  500G x 2 m.2 nvme.
          Graphics MSI Armor Radeon RX 580
          RAM 16G Corsair    2X8
          PSU  Evga 650BQ

          Initially I installed Win 10 Pro and is running very well.
          Today I wanted to get Linux on the other nvme drive.
          Booted Live USB on Linuxlite, Manjaro and MX19.

          All had the same result very distorted graphics........Impossible to install.
          Grateful for any help

(10-10-2020, 08:45 PM)blaird Wrote: All had the same result very distorted graphics........Impossible to install.

Doing a quick online search, that graphics card should be supported by the AMD driver built into the kernel, so probably not a driver problem (stay away from proprietary AMD drivers, they are unstable, no longer supported and with modern cards have worse performance than the open ones).

Can you describe in what way the graphics are "very distorted"? Because there are multiple different graphics issues I can think of that someone might describe as "distorted".

My other suggestions would be 1) to make sure that the monitor is plugged into the graphics card and not the on-board output (happens to the best) and 2) to try a distribution that defaults to Wayland, like Fedora, as Wayland has a higher chance of working correctly than X on newer hardware. Even if Wayland fails the same way, that would tell us something that might be useful.
Thanks Leon.p

The monitor is certainly plugged into the graphics card on HDMI.
Will try a install of Fedora.

 Hard to pinpoint the graphic distortion sort of white/red block overlay on the Monitor.
 No keyboard or mouse control....only option is a hard reset.

Many thanks

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